About Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O

Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O ’s is one of the Central & Eastern Europe’s major mid-term crude oil sellers. Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O’s has built up an extensive system for global oil trading from offices in Prague. Seaborne transportation of Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O’s crude, product and gas liquids volumes involves more than 18 voyages since 2017 and moves over 1 million tons of oil. In addition to conventional shipping operations, Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O’s utilities state-of-the-art shuttle tankers under contract from first-class owners. All shipping activities in Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O’s are performed with a heavy focus on health, safety and environmental protection, and in accordance with the group’s ethical guidelines. Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O’s has an active program of vessel pre-inspection and approval, with such work being carried out on a regular basis worldwide. Chartering activities are carried out from the office in black sea port.

Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O trades in petroleum products, methanol, natural gas, power and emission allowances all over the world. We maintain a global presence to provide avoidable energy. Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O has introduced the principle of division of roles/responsibilities between the line management and procurement function in order to meet the requirement for good control. The line management is responsible for planning demand, allocating technical and operational expertise and approving suppliers recommended by the relevant procurement entity.

Only the procurement function is authorized to sign binding agreements with buyers on Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O’s behalf. The procurement function is responsible for proactive coordination, planning and execution of procurements on behalf of the line management.

Our role in concluding a sale can take one of two forms. When acting as the principal in the business we confirm the contract, take the credit risk, re-finance the project and invoice the buyer. When acting as agent, the supplier Invoice the buyer directly.

When acting as principals, we make a profit by including a small margin for ourselves between the sales price and the purchasing costs. When acting as agent we make a profit by way of a commission or fee from the supplier. The marketing service offered to the mill is, however, the same.


Fuel delivery can be complicated, but not for Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O’s. We ship fuel on multiple pipelines, which enables us to buy and sell line space. We utilize our access to waterways by shipping fuel by barge. Our fleet of trucks from Source One combined with an extensive network of other carriers is second to none in delivering fuel safely and reliably to your operation. Our extensive inventory positions throughout our marketing area allow us to ensure certainty of supply and offer competitive pricing in volatile markets.


It goes beyond delivering fuel with Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O; we deliver expertise and value through data, analysis, trained professionals and technical support. We provide data and analysis to help guide customers' decisions on which pricing program best suits their business. Our technical expertise prevents fuel operability issues and fixes existing fuel storage problems. In the end, it comes down to our team. Our sales and supply teams are in constant communication to ensure that timely, accurate information is being shared with customers to help them make informed buying decisions. We invest in educating our account managers to make sure they have the very best market insights and knowledge.

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