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Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O has created the conventional trading concept by building new safe and direct businesses bridges day after day between Central Europe and rest of the world. Our direct approach as acting as your purchasing office in Central & Eastern Europe provides our customers strong backbone and purchasing asset managers and consultants.

We are a strong and dynamic company managed buy, both Europeans and Asian managers. Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O is providing the services to there clients all over he world in finding and scanning desired product or manufacturer in any field of business with in Central & Eastern Europe.

Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O introduces broker/dealer serving retail clients throughout the Central Europe. With a full array of products and services including metal & options, natural gas and mutual funds .Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O is well positioned to help purchaser’s or investor’s find the right mix of products and specific investments to help meet their financial needs. Our highly dedicated professionals focus on each purchaser’s or investor’s unique risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon and financial goals to develop a plan best suited to help reach those goals. To learn how Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O can help you with your specific market needs.

Our Marketing and Distribution segment markets and distributes a wide range of products through a network of subsidiaries and facilities around the world. Customers include fabricators, service centers and a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers. Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O is providing following services.

  • Reliability report;
  • Legal agreement based on Central & Eastern Europe laws to be signed between manufacturer and exporter;
  • Quality Inspection;
  • 4.We offer professional and efficient service from the selling point right to the delivery of goods worldwide by Central & Eastern Europe transportation of goods & finding desired international freight forwarder;
  • 5.We can guide you through complexities of import, export and Chinese customs regulations and other customs related issues in Central & Eastern Europe; Other legal issues: Invoice, certificate of origin;
  • 6.Warehousing in Central & Eastern Europe & sorting;
  • 7.Freight Billing Analysis; 8.International Sourcing Solutions and Marketing. We guarantee reliability and ability of certain manufacturers by conducting full reliability report of the existing reliable manufacturer.

If experience, results and a trusted source of information and counsel are what you seek in a commodities broker, then look no further than Oil & Commodity trading S.R.O. We take pride in delivering an extensive inventory of products quickly and efficiently. Our expert staff is always ready to help with customized service and attention to detail.

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V mezihoří 2448/8, Libeň (Praha 8), 180 00 Praha, Czech Republic